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Business Auto Insurance FAQs

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What is “Drive Other Car” Coverage?

Drive other car coverage provides liability, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and physical damage coverage for the personal use of a non-owned automobile by the individual you wish to protect. If an individual, for example, a company officer, does not have their own personal auto policy, and drives a corporate car, you would want to add this coverage to protect them from exposures such as borrowing a neighbor’s vehicle.
If your business is a sole proprietorship, you should have the Individual Named Insured endorsement attached to your business auto policy to provide you with the same coverage.

Can other people drive my business vehicle?

Other people may drive your vehicle with your permission. It is important that they be listed on your policy if they are regular drivers of the vehicle.

Why does my private passenger vehicle have to go on my commercial policy?

If a private passenger auto (not a pick up or a van) is registered in the name of a business, it needs to be covered under a business auto policy. If the vehicle is registered in the individual’s name, but is used for business use, some uses may be covered under the personal auto policy, the personal auto policy must be designated as business use.

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