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Loss of Use Insurance for Horses

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A horse may represent a friend to many owners, but when they are a “business partner” too, will you be protected from the loss of the animal’s value? Protect your assets with loss of use insurance in the event your horse sustains accident, illness, or lameness, which renders him/her totally and permanently disabled, but does not require destruction for humane reasons. Options for external accidents or internal medical conditions are available depending on the animal’s use, age, value, and medical history. This loss of use insurance protection may be added to the equine mortality insurance policy. When it comes to loss of use insurance for horses, typical questions asked include:

  • loss of use insurance for horsesMust the horse be in good health, with no injuries, sickness, disease or lameness issues, past or present?
  • Are there minimum value requirements in order for the horse to qualify for this coverage option and age ranges?
  • Which coverage option makes sense for my situation?

Our horse insurance specialist is prepared to answer your horse insurance questions regarding any specific conditions you think may meet requirements. A regular vet exam is required, along with x-rays and flexions for the navicular bone, Proximal Sesamoid bones, Fetlock joints, and tarsal joints.  

Please be aware that to file a claim, the veterinarian must make a written statement that the horse is PERMANENTLY disabled. The veterinarian must be sure that the horse will never be able to perform at a level comparable or close to the level at which it performed prior to the sickness, injury or disease that caused the disability.

Located in Nashua, NH, Eaton & Berube Insurance is pleased to provide affordable and dependable loss of use insurance for horses in New Hampshire, as well as in the surrounding states, including Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

horse loss of use insuranceSue Berube, our equine insurance specialist, will help you find coverage that suits you and your horse’s needs. With three horses of her own, Sue understands the unique exposures that horse owners face.

Call 603-882-2766 today, or submit our online quote request form, to start protecting your horse with loss of use insurance.

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