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Cheap Homeowners Insurance in New Hampshire: 3 Crucial Considerations

When it comes to securing homeowners insurance, many people are looking for the cheapest coverage possible. While we love to save our clients money on their home insurance coverage, it is also our job as their agent to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of coverage for their home and all of the valuables it contains. If you’re looking for cheap homeowners insurance in New Hampshire, we encourage you to first review the following three considerations, and then give us a call at 603-882-2766 or submit our contact form to the right to get free comparative quotes.

  1. cheap homeowners insurance in new hampshireDo you have enough coverage? Although everyone loves a good bargain, the last thing you want is to find out after a loss occurs that you do not have enough coverage., which may happen if you opt for the cheapest homeowners insurance in New Hampshire. The cost to rebuild your home may be higher than the price you paid for it or the price you could currently sell it for, so it’s crucial to ensure that the limits on your homeowners insurance policy are high enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home.
  2. Understand what’s excluded. A typical homeowners insurance policy does not include coverage for damage caused by floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes. In addition, basic home insurance generally does not provide sufficient coverage for expensive jewelry, antique items, and other valuable collectibles. Be sure you understand what exactly your policy covers so you won’t be surprised in the event of a claim.
  3. Don’t forget to take home improvements into account. Insurance likely won’t be the first thing you think about when you’re renovating your home, but it’s important to remember that making improvements to your home can increase its value, which, in turn, can necessitate additional coverage. Upgrade to granite countertops in your kitchen? Recently replace a standard bathtub with a whirlpool tub in your master bath? These types of improvements all influence the value of your home and the amount of coverage it requires. If you opt for the cheapest homeowners insurance in New Hampshire, your home and its valuable updates will likely be underinsured.

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Although we prefer the term “affordable,” at Eaton & Berube, our independent agents will work with the different insurance companies we represent to help you secure the cheapest homeowners insurance in New Hampshire that still provides you with the coverage you need. In addition to Nashua where our office is located, we are pleased to serve Hudson, Hollis, Brookline, Litchfield, Amherst, Merrimack, Milford, Bedford, Manchester, Concord, Goffstown, Derry, Salem, Londonderry, Windham, Wilton, Mont Vernon, and all of New Hampshire. If you are looking for cheap homeowners insurance in New Hampshire, call us today at 603-882-2766 or submit our online quote form to get free comparative quotes.

cheap homeowners insurance in new hampshire

“Recently I returned from a long awaited family vacation. However, the day we were leaving to come home one piece of luggage was stolen off the train. Truthfully, I didn’t know what to do other than report it to the police. It never occurred to me to make an insurance claim until a friend suggested it. When I called Eaton and Berube I was treated with kindness and respect, felt the agent truly cared about the loss I had experienced. Her guidance and advice was professional and thoughtful. Once the claim was filed I had a few questions which she promptly answered and also made follow-up inquiries to be sure everything was going smoothly for me. Thank you Eaton & Berube for training your staff to have exceptional customer service skills. Although with this particular agent, I’m quite sure it comes very naturally to her.”

Ellen M. Roposa

filed a personal homeowners insurance claim in mid-January 2013
Manchester, NH resident

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