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No coverage is provided by this summary nor can it be construed to replace any provision of your policy. You should read your policy and review your Declarations Page for complete information on the coverages you are provided. If there is any conflict between the policy and this summary, THE PROVISIONS OF THIS POLICY SHALL PREVAIL.

We have added Epoq Risk Protection Services to your policy. This is a digital assistance service that helps you prepare key legal and compliance documents and forms that protect your interests. The service uses smart technology to create contracts and documents that are tailored to the individual needs of you or your business and contain provisions to reduce risk and liability. Services include wills, healthcare directives, power of attorney and trust documents, property rental agreements, construction agreements, equipment rental, consulting agreements and other services.

How to register for Epoq Risk Protection Services in 3 steps:
  1. Visit the site for your policy type, and click Register:
    • Personal Policies: Go to
    • Farm Policies Go to
    • Business Policies: Go to
  2. Enter the access code below, and your 10-character Policy Number (no spaces) Access Code:
    Policy Number: < >
  3. Follow the prompts to register.
    The annual $5 service fee for Epoq Risk Protection Services is collected with your policy premium.
    Epoq is an online risk management service that provides documents, forms and accompanying information. Patrons Co-operative Fire Insurance Company (“Co-operative Insurance Companies”) and Epoq are independent, unaffiliated companies.