• Project InVEST: Why You Should Consider the Insurance Industry When Looking for Rewarding Careers After High School

    When it comes to careers after high school or college, there are countless options to consider. Choosing a career path from this myriad of possibilities can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least, but Project InVEST can help simplify the process, introducing you to one rewarding and versatile industry you may not think to explore otherwise – the insurance industry.

    Enrolling in a Project InVEST course will show you the exciting careers, flexible schedules and high earning potential the insurance industry offers. From actuaries and insurance agents to underwriters and claims adjusters, careers within the insurance industry cater to all different interests and strengths. Do you enjoy crunching numbers and conducting research? If so, you may be well suited for a career as an actuary, or business professional who mathematically analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Prefer communicating with people and solving problems? You may excel in a career as a customer service representative (CSR).

    Although you may not realize it, careers in insurance aren’t confined to the insurance industry – they are actually connected to just about every industry you can imagine. If you’re interested in the entertainment industry, you could assess risks for a movie production company. If you’re passionate about sports, you could provide insurance to professional athletes and sports teams.

    Project InVESTDo you enjoy the popular Progressive ads featuring Flo? Love the Travelers Insurance commercials starring the dog that protects its bone in a safe deposit box? You could help brainstorm and market these ideas, or assist in filming and editing the commercials. In today’s Internet-focused society, many insurance companies and agencies also require assistance designing and updating their websites, blogs, and even social networking sites, so you could be a web designer, content writer or social media manager. Even if selling insurance doesn’t appeal to you, there are many other types of careers within the insurance industry that will allow you to embrace your interests and passions.

    With so many stories about high unemployment rates dominating our news, the idea of securing a great career after high school or college can seem impossible, but the good news is that not every industry is struggling. In fact, the insurance industry is actually hiring. More than two million professionals are currently employed in the U.S. insurance and financial services industry, and in the next 10 years, because of the increasing number of insurance professionals approaching retirement age, 50 percent of those jobs will be available.

    When it comes to landing one of these rewarding jobs, Project InVEST represents your first step. From risk management and home and auto insurance, to marketing and the cost of insurance, enrolling in an InVEST program will provide you with a wealth of insurance information, but insurance isn’t the only subject you will cover. Project InVEST will also teach you invaluable business, communication, marketing, leadership and organizational skills that will help you become a successful professional after graduation.

    Not only will completing an InVEST program introduce you to exciting career opportunities, but it also may help you and your parents finance college. Last year, Project InVEST awarded more than $47,000 in scholarships to InVEST graduates looking to pursue higher education in insurance and financial services or looking for assistance with licensing or designation fees. In 2012, the program will award $58,000 in scholarships to its graduates.

    Whatever your passion may be, there is a career opportunity in the insurance industry that will allow you to embrace it. To determine which types of careers in insurance best suit your skills and interests, visit Project InVEST online at www.investprogram.org, where you can learn more about Project InVEST, find an InVEST program in your area, and browse job opportunities.


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